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We are looking for motivated, socially-engaged individuals with a passion for the arts to join our work. In return, you will benefit from awesome career development and references, great mentorship, and the opportunity to help us make a difference in the world through the arts.



Fused Muse is always on the look out for volunteers to help with everything from staffing events to providing transportation to direct mail campaigns. If you have a couple of hours available for a worthy cause, please get in touch!  


Interested in becoming an FME Artist or Collaborator? Are you a professional artist with an interest in creating works that have a social impact? If this is you, please send us an email with a brief resume. We'd love to hear from you and explore how we might work together!


Our work is in part dependent on corporate sponsorship. If you think the company you direct or work for might be interested in meaningfully contributing to our work, please consider becoming an FME corporate sponsor. We will feature your company's name on our website and all promotional materials, and are available to perform for corporate events.


Do you direct or work for an organization that represents a societal issue and promotes humanitarian welfare? If you feel FME could help spread awareness of your work and the issue it explores, please let us know. We are always interested in developing relationships and exploring how FME might further its social impact through the arts.


Our work is in part dependent on individual sponsorship. If you are interested in providing an individual donation towards FME's work, thereby becoming an FME ambassador, please get in touch. Your name would be featured on our website and all pronomtional materials. We can also offer performances for private events.


All FME artists volunteer their time and talents, but we still have many expenses to meet.

Any donation towards our work is greatly appreciated. We cannot do what we do without you! Here are just some of the ways your contributions help us:

  • Equipment rental for documentation and performance (specifically, for audio and visual recording)

  • Sound and lighting technicians

  • Performance space rental

  • Marketing-related costs (posters, flyers, online presence and communication, direct mail)

  • Piano rental

  • Food for our artists at rehearsals 

  • Collaborating artist nominal fees/stipends/contributions towards meals and transportation

  • Grant writer fee

Thank you!!!

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