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Each of our long-term projects concentrates on a different social or environmental issue, and will typically be our primary focus for one to three years. We join forces with relevant local non-profit organizations, resulting in arts and education workshops and volunteer work. We seek to dialogue, engage and collaborate with those whose lives are touched by these issues. This engagement forms the foundation for the ensemble’s creative works –multidisciplinary collaborations which strive, through innovative integration of media, to amplify those voices too often left unheard.


To date, the ensemble has explored and continues to explore topics including domestic violence and trafficking in Chicago, environment-related concerns (including global warming, alternative modes of transportation and resource scarcity), and homelessness in Chicago.

Most recently, our 2015-16 activities culminated in Edge of Shelter, two performances that focused on different aspects of homelessness in Chicago, in collaboration with many individuals who are either currently or have previously experienced homelessness. 

Fused Muse Ensemble is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Illinois.


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