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Davonte Williams


Davonte Williams was born and raised in Chicago IL. After the abandonment at age four from his mother, he moved to Kansas city Missouri, with his father Antonio Williams. Performance arts was exposed to Mr. Williams childhood while living in Missouri. Never performed on stage until Davonte was reunited with his mother care, there he moved back to Chicago. Now that his father was out of his life, he used that void to perform, create, and develop work. Despite his traumatizing events in his childhood, Mr. Williams currently attends Columbia College Chicago (seeking BFA Program in performing arts/dance choreography and movement therapy) his study is vast, relating many genres of dance (Ballet, Contemporary, vogue, west African, Afro-modern, Horton-modern, and Graham-Modern and post-Modern). Not only is Davonte Williams seeking an education in performing arts, he is living in it. Davonte is formally and artistically a part of two Dance Companies: Von Micheal Dance Company, founded by Von Micheal and located in Chicago IL, and HappyNia Company which was originated in Dallas, Texas and is currently located in Chicago founded an directed by Derque Whitus. 


Davonte Williams worked for 5 years in a non-profit organization called Kuumba Lynx Performance Assemble, where he was acting as a dancer/teaching artist. Because of his experience with Kuumba Lynx he was guaranteed a teaching job at North Western College. Although teaching and performing with Kuumba Lynx is blissful and meaningful, he resigned in June 2013. After a minor break, Mr.Williams flourished background enabled him to teach again at an elementary school, Saint Elizabeth where he was able to build a fourteen week curriculum for Academic Achievement Institute Corp. Recently embarked on a new journey in affords to define his work both  artistically and liberal with YEPP. He officially became a member of YEPP merging assemble Sept.17th, 2015.


Davonte Willliams plans to start his own Dance Company that teaches  members of the company series of physical raining with a vast of dance genres for both my training and my directive team background offers courses like physical therapy and other resources involving involving educational lectures and seminars. Hopefully these beautiful organizations and corporations will be a pamphlet for his future entrepreneurial endeavors his seeking to start. 

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