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B RichFilm Director/Cinematographer

B. Rich is a writer, filmmaker, designer, teacher and scientist. He holds an MFA in Film/Video, and a BA in Biology. He is happy to have spent so much time deep in the sciences, as the scientific process heavily influences his approach to media making. He enjoys writing and directing both fiction and nonfiction films, shooting his own and others’ documentaries, and following his new passions in game and transmedia design. He loves to travel and experience different cultures.  Documentaries and other media projects offer him the kind of travel opportunities he craves; to experience and learn from the people of a place at a level of intimacy rarely granted to someone from someplace else. So far, he has met inspiring people doing amazing things in Russia, England, Ireland, Israel, Palestine, India, Japan, Ecuador and around the United States. The world is still a big place, and he can’t wait to experience more of it.

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