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Atlantis Sunshine


Atlantis Sunshine was born and raised in Englewood, on the South Side of Chicago, where religion was enforced and observed in her childhood. She quickly realized music was a passion of hers while she sung in the church choir for years. During high school she was part of the All-City High School Chorus for 4 years, and traveled throughout the country, and to other countries as well, for Choral connections. At the age of 21, Atlantis experienced a tipping point in her life where she wanted to give back to her community. With this new insight, she became certified though the city of Chicago conducting HIV testing and counseling among other health related certifications from the city. During this period of her life she joined YEPP to go back to her roots of performing arts while fighting for a cause. During this time Atlantis put her previous experience to use and obtained a job at Heartland Alliance Human Care Service as a Community Promise Worker, doing what she loves most, giving back to her community. Through networking and sharing her leadership abilities over the years, she secured a job at Howard Brown Health Center as a Research Assistant working directly with trans folks, as well as gender non-conforming folks. Atlantis is growing everyday as a person, and hopes at some point she can pass down her biggest attribute she gives to this world, which is love.

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