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Apollo King


I am Apollo! I’m a striving leader who loves to perform the skills acquired over time. Most of my time is spent analyzing things that I’m doing and have done a well as relationships I’m involved in. I’ve been a part of YEPP since the first cycle, which performed the play The Other Side of Hurt. Something funny about my life experience is that my blood “family” (some) told me that I would be a great comedian and that I would become a pastor. I feel like both of these things are inherent in me even now. I love to see people smile and generally have positive “comedic” interactions with people. A good laugh brightens anyone’s day and I love to find the inspirations for laughter. I’m not a pastor but, I love the Gospel and it’s derivative music. So I guess in some ways they were right. I’m also an artist and through the year I’ve done some brief parts in plays as well as dabbled in music. I’ve sang some hooks for some “obscure” recording artists and written and performed songs and poems of my own. I’ve learned from my experiences performing that when you have “the stage” make it genuine and people will be moved. It may seem different than how I have experienced it that my most proud accomplishment is one that is ongoing. It is reaching for the prize of my life and which is truly loving myself, my creator, and everyone around me. Though our experiences shape and mold us in sometimes beautiful and sometimes traumatic ways, it is not what I’ve done, whether school, work or artistry, nor what I’ve been through whether plight pain or Pinot Grigio. What matters is my hope for tomorrow which includes my biggest passion to be an advocate for the communities that I identify with and to be a leader of truth. So many things can happen to support this idea so I won’t try to describe what it will look like but, it will surely be based in love.

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